10 Dubai Interesting Facts

Dubai is located in the southern Persian Gulf, considered as one of the important cities in the world. It is so established and urbane city of United Arab Emirates. Here are 10 interesting realities about Dubai

#1   0% Crime:

The misconduct rate in Dubai is so near to the ground. Virtually it is 0% across Dubai. That is why this city is reflected one of the harmless cities on soil. The law is so strict in Dubai. On the other hand, the people of Dubai are upheld with full of the ethics.0% Crime

#2    0% Income Tax:

One has so many chances to become rich and wealthy in Dubai. The residents of Dubai are not supposed to pay their individual revenue tax. So the income tax is totally 0%. For this reason you can earn a lot of coinage and save it.0% Income Tax

#3    20% Cranes:

Dubai is becoming a highly advanced city day by day. Many of the world’s largest and biggest constructions and hotels are in Dubai and even the number is increasing increasingly. For this reason 20% of the world’s total cranes are now working in Dubai in several creations.Cranes

#4    Tallest and biggest structures:

Some of the world’s tallest and biggest structures are located here. Biggest mall, tallest hotel, second largest man-made harbor, and the world’s largest aquarium are situated in Dubai. For all these reasons Dubai is so gorgeous to most of the tourists and masses of tourists come here every year.Tallest and biggest structures

#5    Developed city:

It is one of the fastest growing cities in the entire world. There were just 13 cars in Dubai in 1968 but the picture has been changed so far. But now the traffic of Dubai is so bad and it became so overfilled because of growth. In order to overcome this problem double Decker roads for transportation are announced here.Developed city

#6    Population:

There are some amazing facts are seen in the populace of Dubai. It is so wonder to think that half of the total people living in this city are Indians. On the other hand, 17 % of the total populace is Emiratis. The rest of the residents is composed of immigrants.Population

#7    World’s largest gold chain:

The world’s largest gold chain is in Dubai. It was made during DSF- 1999. Total 22 kg of gold was used and the length of the chain was 4.2 km. The total chain was putative by 9600 people, in bracelet size and necklace wear pieces.World’s largest gold chain

#8     Skyscrapers:

Some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers are here. The Burj Khalifa of Dubai is measured as world’s tallest man-made arrangement. The height of it is 2,717 feet.  Burj Khalifa is also networks the highest mosque, the highest restaurant, highest outdoor observation and highest nightclub. All these things are in the Burj Khalifa tower.Skyscrapers

#9     Luxurious hotels:

There are many luxurious 5-star and 7-star hotels are in Dubai. The Burj Al Arab is the fourth tallest hotel. It is almost 280 feet tall from Jumeirah beach. Al Mahara, a famous restaurant, contained with a massive saltwater aquarium. There is a replicated undersea trip in the entrance of the restaurant. The height of the lobby of this restaurant is even more that Statue of Liberty.Luxurious hotels

#10     Ski Dubai:

The Dubai mall is so developed and famous. It is also featured with Ski Dubai. Ski Dubai is an indoor ski choice. The area of it is 22,500 square meters. On the other hand, there is a snow park and it is measured as the biggest indoor snow park with an area of 3,000 square meters.Ski Dubai

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