Super Yacht – Weekend Adventure

Thinking about renting a yacht but not sure if your family will just enjoy being on the boat with nothing to do? Lets us make you an offer you can’t resist. Renting a yacht for a weekend in Dubai is just the tip of the ice berg, as Super Yacht strives to give your family a fun filled vacation with plenty of excitement and adventure.

Super Yacht Dubai 1

Fishing, water sports, inside entertainment, sailing, snorkelling, sun bathing, and even captaining the yacht can be achieved when you rent a yacht with Super Yacht. We don’t just lend you the boat and forget about it, we have designed packages to meet all your vacation needs.

Our fleet of yachts is one the fastest growing in Dubai, with new yachts added to the choice regularly, you will find one that meets your expectations for a great sea cruise. Our yachts are perfect for events big and small, intimate celebrations for two and our largest yachts can hold a passenger capacity of 80. Yacht birthday parties, yacht weddings, yacht corporate events formal or otherwise can be held on any one of stealthy yachts.

Super Yacht Dubai 2

Along with your day on a luxury yacht, we bring you catering options from all your favorite cuisines. Light snacks, cocktail food or a full on barbeque on the beach will be arranged for you and your party on a yacht. The crew members who will be with you during your whole journey are there to make the time spent on our yachts, special and elegant.

Entertainment is yours for the picking. Most of our top end yachts are fitted with state-of-art entertainment systems for music and movie screening, surround sound quality for cinema quality viewing and if you pick one of our luxury yachts for the nights, all cabins are equipped with private entertainment systems for our guests to enjoy.

Super Yacht Dubai blogger Image

Day excursions means you can enjoy surfing, water surfing and speed boat, motor sports over the water. From tubes, to banana rides to jet skiing are all made possible by Super Yacht. Gliding over the waves in the safety of the Arabian Gulf seas is considered one of the safest seas to enjoy water sports in. We provide all the equipment and safety gear that you and your family will require for a fun filled sea worthy adventure.

If water sport is not your cuppa tea, you can choose the more relaxing activities like fishing and taking a quiet swim on the many private beached spread across the Dubai Coast line. Our yachts set sail in the morning navigating through the man made marvels of the World Islands & Palm islands and the many atolls that has left world renowned monument architects in awe. Discover the splendour of the open ocean, marvel at the Islands, break into a wave, discover the millions of species of marine life beneath or simply sit back and enjoy the sun set in one of our luxury yachts, catamarans and boats for hire. It’s not just a boat for rent, but you’ll be signing up for weekend of fun filled memories…..


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