Water Sports in Dubai

When was the last time you just let go and had so much fun that you came out of a weekend feeling like you needed another holiday to recover from the last one? Well water sports Dubai with Super Yacht might just be what you are looking for. Sometimes letting go of stress, means trying something fun and exciting, and being left with a few bruises here and there wouldn’t hurt either.. Well it might for a few days, but when you’re having a heap of fun, you won’t notice it.

2 Super Yacht Dubai

Our water sports packages are available for those thrill seeking weekenders who just want to let loose in adventure. We arrange everything that you would need for a fun filled day out on the Dubai Shore line.

You can choose to go on individual excursions or have these fun activities as part of your private yacht cruise. We arrange private yachts cruises as well as shared cruises, daily leaving the port in the afternoon and evenings.1 Super Yacht Dubai

Water sport activities are limitless, from tubes, to speed boats, to group fun on the banana boat, jet-ski, body boarding, water skiing, surfing, deep sea fishing, snorkelling, and wake boarding are all part of the fun activities that we can plan for you.

Our water sports activities are supervised and lead by leading experts and certificate holders who are there with you every step of the way. We ensure your safety while you explore the calm waters of the Persian Gulf. You can choose one or two of the activities, or choose to have them all arranged for before you depart from the port, and the equipment will be there with you at your point of anchor.

3 Super Yacht Dubai

Water Sports in Dubai by Super Yacht is just one of many of the additional services we offer along with our luxury yacht rentals, as well as special event on board our yachts. We take the safety requirements of all our passengers seriously and we include all the necessary safety gear, from life vests, oxygen tanks, and a first aid kit.

Water Sports is just the greatest way to while away the weekend, leaving all the stress behind. You can book your preferred choice of activities, for your family or with a group of friends; the more guests you bring with you, the more fun you will have.

4 Super Yacht Dubai

Our jet-skis are top of the range stealthy skis that have been purchased for the speed and thrill they offer. They are meant to carry two passengers, and fly over the water safely. The inflatable vessels which we have for the fun rides for individuals as well as groups are also the highest quality to ensure the safety of passengers and guests. If you much rather prefer less strenuous activities, let us know and we will give you the option to enjoy a quiet swim, a deep sea snorkel, or you can simply set yourself under the shade of the yacht, and enjoy deep sea fishing.

Be sure to ask our staff about the options available to you for a little extra fun, when booking a yacht Dubai with Super Yacht Dubai..


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