Cars You will only find in Dubai

Dubai is known for it’s extravagant lifestyle, luxurious hotels, unbelievable skyscrapers, low oil prices, and of course it’s amazing collection of super cars. Below are some of the most amazing elite cars you will only find in Dubai!


Chrome benz
Silver Chrome Mercedes Benz
Gold Lamborghini Aventador
Gold Lamborghini
Gold Range Rover
Gold Range Rover
Mercedes Jeep made from UAE Coins
Mercedes Jeep made from UAE coins
Limousine Type Ferarri
Limousine Type Ferrari

Devel-16 an Emirate Produced car having a V16 Engine and a whopping 5000 Horse Power which allows the car to go from 0-60 mph in an astonishing 1.8 seconds. As for the hyper car’s top speed (yes you read it right, it’s not a supercar but a hyper car), it’s a whopping 560 kph or 370 mph (well that’s what it claimed it to be).


This batman car is a replica of the Batmobile used by Batman in Tim Burton’s classic Batman in 1989. The car was constructed by an Australian enthusiast who built the car for 3 years after getting approval from Warner Brothers. It was then sold to an Emarati Collector for an estimated $1 Million Dollars.


So it’s not only Police Cars that uses these Super Cars, but also the Dubai Taxi below. I wonder what the starting rate of the meter is? I’m guessing around $1,000? Then $100 for every second you’re inside? I’ll rather take the bus or walk 100 km to my house lol..

Lamborghini Taxi

As the fancy trend in Dubai goes, below is a Dubai Ambulance super car that will definitely live up to it’s name “First Responder” as it will definitely be the first to respond with it’s lightning speed not to mention it’s flashing emergency lights 🙂 
Dubai is really indeed the home of extremes and definitely the most amazing cars that you will only find in Dubai. That’s it folks! So AMAZING!
dubai police.gif

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