Marine Adventure Dubai

Super Yacht Dubai is a company whose business it is to provide you with luxury yacht hires, Dubai. We are a company that organizes dream yacht wedding and purely spectacular birthday celebrations, which our lucky clients are still trying to forget. Super Yacht Dubai’s most extravagant luxury yacht fleet includes catamarans, Dubai, small boats for hire, speed and motor boats, cruise yachts, and party yachts that are available for hire at competitive rates.

We have had the privilege of being including the in the planning, and execution of elaborate celebrations on board our luxury yachts. Working with our client’s to bring to life out-of-the-box ideas, has been truly satisfying that we are excited to do more. Super Yacht Dubai is a team of expert party organizers, creative thinkers and “anything is possible” kind of people, that clients who have worked with us before for corporate functions, private celebrations, intimate and elegant weddings, special birthdays and private sea excursions, have vouched to do it all again, because the experience is just not one you can enjoy only once. We luxury yachts Dubai , sailing around Dubai, yacht hires, dream yacht wedding, cruise yachts, party yachts work with you to bring your ideas to life on-board our luxury yachts.

Super Yacht Dubai

We take care of everything from start to finish, and for very special occasions will even send a limousine to pick you and your guests up. Super Yacht is a firm dedicated to organizing special events, which means we listen to your requirements from cakes, to music and entertainment, decoration, activities and food and make it all possible.

Anything is possible in Dubai, so why not a yacht cruise for an afternoon, or turn things upside down, and surprise your guests with a special venue that will leave everybody excited and no one returning their invite? After all who would want to pass on a party of a lifetime?

The routes we take show you the world famous monuments of Dubai, the World Islands, Palm Islands, the amazing hotels and skyline, the private beaches, and on the way, you can swim, discover corals, and marine life, and may be even catch your next meal on-board our yachts.

Super Yacht Dubai

We have an ever expanding fleet of luxury yachts Dubai and catamarans that provide our guests with luxury, the comforts of home and hotels, and the highest standards in marine safety. Our current fleet boasts of fifteen sturdy boats for hire. The luxury yachts Dubai are new and come built with so many features and high-end entertainment systems, comfortable lodging, plenty of space to relax and more. Everyone on board is designated a life vest, and all safety arrangements are made prior to departure from the dock.

The best thing about sailing around Dubai is that the seas are very calm and is almost a haven for sea enthusiasts, The UAE shoreline is has low currents, are the beaches are gentle, just right for a little mid sea exploration or adventure sports like water sports, swimming, and diving….


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