Dubai Street Style

How to make the Style Gods smile

Aiisha by Aiisha Ramadan

Aiisha Ramadan, a Lebanese fashion designer, has been named ‘Young Designer of the Year’ by Swarovski and among the ‘30 Most Awesome Women in the Arab World’ by Arabian Woman Magazine. Her label has been seen on celebrities like Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Scherzinger, Christina Aguilera and Paris Hilton.

Her style tip: I believe an essential part to fit in to the Dubai style is creating an image of texture, being with your accessories, your embellished clothing or printed outfits. Minimalism doesn’t really reflect Dubai even though it exists. Makeup is a huge part of our lives. In short, generally we are high maintenance and we love it.

Aiisha by Aiisha Ramadan

ShoesTova by Natalia Shustova

ShoesTova, a Dubai fashion and lifestyle blog by Natalia Shustova, is dedicated to providing the latest fashion trends, beauty tips and travel destinations. Shustova, a corporate and real estate partner at a leading private law firm in Dubai, started her blog to share her experiences through personal commentary on fashion and lifestyle.

Her style tip: To mimic Dubai style and blend in with the emirate’s most stylish…it will be a gorgeous abaya-cape made of Italian lace.

ShoesTova by Natalia Shustova

Levier Concepts Dubai by Isaac Jon Ode

Levier Concepts, run by founder Isaac Jon Ode, a designer, deejay and photographer, is a male-centric fashion blog.

His style tip: If you want to copy the Dubai style, my advice would be, be yourself. Dubai is a melting pot of different individuals so there’s not one specific style that I can say screams Dubai. But if I could advise on where to shop, I’d definitely say Dubai Mall. They have a huge variety of shops and usually have great deals.

Levier Concepts Dubai by Isaac Jon Ode

Sand in the City by Olga Lobanova

In this independent street style photography blog by Olga Lobanova, you’ll see how the people in Dubai express themselves through the way they dress.

Her style tip: Travelling to the UAE and wondering what to wear in Dubai and in the rest of the country in winter? We are middle of the ”winter”, which means the temperature can drop to 20 C and it can even rain. Here is a perfect example of effortlessly chic style for the rainy day in Dubai. Chelsea is wearing Mango hat, top, jacket and skirt, paired with Mango bag and Zara ankle boots. I spotted Chelsea in front of Al Ghurair Centre, the oldest mall in Dubai. It’s a great spot for unique shopping experience, laid-back dining and cool urban culture events in the heart of old-Dubai.

Sand in the City by Olga Lobanova

Style is Necessity by Samantha Francis

Style is Necessity, or SIN, by Samatha Francis is a treasure trove for inspiration, sartorial and otherwise, that come in doses with titles like “bandana bandit trend alert”, “big fat food guide” and “Monday manicure madness.”

Her style tip: Dare to challenge Middle Eastern fashion habits, dare to be different, dare to be a fashion sinner! Buy those amazing unbranded vintage shoes, take a scissor and cut your jeans, perhaps steal that 1970’s glitter sweater from mom’s closet and pimp it into a skirt. Its not about who you wear, or what you wear, but how you wear it.

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