Best fishing spot, Tips to find it

This is the main question that every angler asks at least once in his life, is where to find a fishing spot with biggest and hungry fish. The answer is you can’t, maybe only on paid fishing lakes where fish is supplied in big quantities and kept hungry so each fishermen gets a bite. However when it comes to adventure and hobby fishing you are on your own. In this post I want to talk about fishing in UAE, but i believe the concept applies to anywhere in the world. Promises

Fishing is not just casting bait and getting the fish. Fishing is a hobby, art and way of life. It is an affordable way to engage yourself in an adventure, be it fishing from shore, on kayak, or going deep sea. In any case you have to come prepared with your gear, knowledge of weather and environment, and of course location.

Best fishing spot, Tips to find it

When it comes to a good fishing spot, there is no angler is going to share his favorite spot, even to his brother. In the best case, He might share approximate area, but never exact spot. The reason for this is that to find that spot, fisherman went through many trial and errors, many days of unsuccessful fishing all for search for the perfect spot. And don’t think that he is going to give up that secret right away. As an example go to any famous location and if you spot some fisherman ask if he caught anything, 8 out of 10 will tell you no bites, no fish, even though there is something jumping in the cooler.

It is in nature of a hunter to protect his hunting grounds, and they have the right to do that. In many cases we have seen once your share any successful story of your favourite spot, in short period of time it becomes a pilgrimage area for fisherman, like Klondike in old gold rash days.

Sometimes it leads to overcrowded spots, over fishing and in worst cases polluting the area.

So how to find a good fishing spot? The answer is keep exploring and searching for it,  UAE has long stretch of coastal line all the way from Saudi Border up to Oman, you can include Oman also because it is very easy access for UAE Residents. Involve yourself and your friends or your family in an adventure, get camping tent, and try new fishing spot every weekend, Abu dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Ras al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah. Once you start exploring you will find out that there is still so many places that are beautiful and full of fish.

Best fishing spot, Tips to find it

Get to know more fishermen, join them on their journey, of course by sharing road expenses, learn from them. Once fisherman feels that you are very enthusiastic and eager to learn they will open their soul, like old day craftsman taught new generation.

Most important keep fishing spots CLEAN. Many of areas in UAE were restricted for fishing for a simple reason, GARBAGE. Don’t trough your unused bait between rock in plastic, they rotten in a short time and create bad smell all over area. Feed your unused bait to cats or small fish, if it is spoiled then throw it in the nearest bin. Respect your self and respect others.

I am sure that many of you find this post useless because i didn’t share any good fishing spot, but i wrote this to explain that fishing not only catching a fish, it is more than that. It is full of disappointments, errors, and endless efforts of waking up early mornings, driving long distances, getting wet, dried by sun and wind, freezing in cold winter days in a hunt for your dream catch, for a small battle between fish and you when chances are 50/50, for that sound of drag, or that bite that you feel on the tip of your fingers, that small pump of adrenaline, that’s what keeps us being a man in all the meanings of this word. Explore, Make Friends and be clean and you will find your perfect spot.

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