Dubai’s Best Food Trucks

A whole new way to do takeaway

There’s been a revolution on the streets of Dubai – a food revolution. Now, thanks to mobile kitchens, the city’s budding chefs are cooking up a storm kerbside. We take to the streets to see what’s cooking.


What’s cooking: Bringing the flavours of India’s southern state of Goa to the streets of Dubai (GO + bai = GObai. Get it?), expect a variety of curries and inventive burgers, all served up in either a taco or paratha.
Our order: We love the beef chorizo slider: tender cooked meat marinated in Goan flavours, placed in some pao (Goan bread) — delicious.

Dubai's best food trucks

Moti Roti

What’s cooking: Claiming to give curry a facelift by taking out the excess oil and spices, Moti Roti serves up rotis filled with light home-style curries cooked on the spot and topped with a variety of delicious chutneys.
Our order: The chicken tikka roti at just 300 calories is perfect for your palate and waistline, even tastier when topped with the mint yoghurt. If you want something on the side, the onion bhaji rings are particularly addictive.

Dubai's best food trucks


What’s cooking: Melt serves guilt-free, healthy frozen treats, including non-fat frozen yoghurt, 100 per cent pure fruit ice lollies and a range of dairy and gluten-free drinks too. Plus, the pretty striped white and peppermint design of the Melt van ensures it stands out from the crowd.
Our order: It’s a toss-up between the chocolate, banana or coffee-flavoured Coconut Mylks. They’re so healthy why make a choice – go for the lot!

Dubai's best food trucks


What’s cooking: This popular silver retro truck serves up some seriously gourmet burgers. It’s not an extensive menu but what’s on it is delicious. It seems to have berthed up in a permanent spot beside Kite Beach now providing seating placed beside the Jumeirah Corniche overlooking the beach. It’s made going out for a burger a real treat – making residents feel like tourists, and tourists feel like residents in the know.
Our order: A 2oz wagyu beef burger with hook salt, melted cheese topped with fiery jalapeno slices.

Dubai's best food trucks

Calle Tacos

What’s cooking: Taking its inspiration from LA’s Mexican food culture, expect tacos (of course), nachos, burritos and quesadillas. The bright orange and yellow truck conjures up the essence of Mexico, while the added injection of painted palm trees and a caravan of camels reminds you that this is a Dubai take on tacos.
Our order: You can’t beat the California burrito – a flour tortilla, with Monterey jack cheese, cheddar cheese, pico de gallo guacamole with a chicken, beef or vegetarian filling – served with fries.

Dubai's best food trucks

Ghaf Kitchen

What’s cooking: You could say that this is ‘posh nosh’ with the likes of its signature Ghaf Prawn Cocktail and “Posh Fish Finger Sandwich” topping the menu. Even the hot dogs have an upmarket twist – the beef hot dog comes with avocado.
Our order: It’s messy but we love the mussels and chips. But then again, the shrimp burger with smoky chilli salsa is delicious.

Dubai's best food trucks

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