9 Things You Just Can’t Miss At Legoland Dubai

Here’s what you’ll love at Legoland Dubai

Bursting with colour and buzzing with activity, Legoland Dubai is set to become the hottest attraction for both children and the young-at-heart. The first Legoland park in the region, and seventh in the world, has six themed lands and more than forty interactive rides and attractions.

1. Earn your Lego driver’s license

Navigate the tricky turns and curves of a realistic track at the Driving School in Lego City. Children aged 6-12 can learn driving basics and come away with their very own Legoland driver’s licence, while those aged from 3-6 can have fun in the Junior Driving School.

Earn your Lego driver’s licence

2. Topsy-turvy thrills on the Dragon coaster

Strap in for a thrilling ride in the medieval-themed kingdom’s Dragon roller coaster. Reaching speeds of up to 60km/h and heights of up to 6m, the much-anticipated ride takes delighted visitors through an exhilarating indoor and outdoor journey through the King’s Castle. Younger adventurers can enjoy the milder Dragon’s Apprentice.

Topsy-turvy thrills on the Dragon coaster

3. Stare in awe at the lego-sized Burj Khalifa

A signature of Legoland theme parks around the world, the Miniland in Dubai is a real treat. It features life-sized models of Dubai’s most iconic buildings (made entirely out of Lego), including the Burj Khalifa, Sheikh Zayed Road and Dubai Airport, plus leading attractions such as the world’s ten tallest buildings and the Taj Mahal. Located in the heart of the park, Dubai’s Miniland is also the first fully air-conditioned one of its kind.

4. Build your own city

No Legoland is complete without building projects. In Miniland, children can take this a step further and build their own city at an interactive play table. The skyline of this newly-created city will change each day to the design of Legoland’s own visitors.

Build your own city

5. Be wowed by the futuristic Ninjago puppet show

This isn’t an ordinary stage show. Inspired by the popular Lego characters of the same name, the 4D puppet extravaganza takes place on the City Stage and uses special effects and illusions to surprise the audience. Be ready for the unexpected!

6. Play the hero at Rescue Academy

It’s every child’s dream: grab the reins of a fire truck and race across the track to save a “burning building”. Parents can help their children make their way to the blaze, where they have a chance to be brave heroes and put it out, water pumps and hose in tow. A fun-filled activity for families.

Play the hero at Rescue Academy

7. Get lost to adventure

There’s a whole lot of adventure in store for little explorers. In Adventure, park-goers can embark on a journey to recover a pharoah’s stolen treasure using high-tech lasers in the Egyptian-themed Lost Kingdom. They’ll also be able to battle waves in the Waves Racers water ride.

8. It’s all in your Imagination

Put your skills to the test in Imagination land, where you can while away hours building robots and testing electric cars. Young Lego fans can be fully occupied in Duplo valley, while older kids might like to take on more advanced challenges in the Master Builder Academy.

It's all in your Imagination

9. Take home your own personal brick

Take part in the Factory Tour and learn where Lego bricks come from and how they’re made. At the end of the tour, you’ll get to take home your very own newly-minted brick.

Take home your own personal brick

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