Dubai’s Best Hotel Room Views

Wake up to the best vistas in town

If you’re looking for a little romance or simply want to wake up with beautiful views for the whole family to enjoy, don’t book anywhere until you’ve checked out our pick of the city’s hotel rooms guaranteed to steal your heart. From views of Dubai’s iconic Burj Khalifa to the natural desert landscapes, from breathtaking seascapes and underwater perspectives, see this comprehensive list of Dubai’s best hotel room views.
Burj View Suite Dubai

Burj View Suite

Manzil Downtown Dubai

This beautiful arabesque boutique hotel is wonderfully atmospheric after dark, when its charming courtyard is cast in the soft glow of candlelight. Enjoy post-dinner coffee here after a meal at the superb La Serre Bistro – a short stroll at sister hotel Vida Downtown Dubai – but save space for one more drink to be enjoyed on the terrace of your suite. From here your aspect is of the tallest building on Earth, Burj Khalifa, resplendent when bathed in light come night-time.

Ocean Superior Club Room Dubai

Ocean Superior Club Room

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

How to top a pristine beach view with the sparkling sea beyond it? Ensure one of the world’s most iconic architectural wonders is part of the picture, that’s how. In this case, the architectural wonder is the picture, with your floor-to-ceiling windows framing the famous sail-shaped Burj Al Arab. It’s a postcard-perfect vista best enjoyed at night, when the Burj puts on a multi-hued light show of its own, but also makes for a majestic sight when you open the curtains the next morning.

Atlantis, The Palm Dubai

Underwater Suite

Atlantis, The Palm

There was a time when being invited to sleep with the fishes would have rightly sent a shiver down your spine – but then Atlantis, The Palm opened, and with it the world was introduced to the Underwater Suite. Now everyone is clamouring to bed down with Nemo and co. From your bed, bath and lounge area, the outlook is the same – sharks, rays and a myriad of other marine life gliding gracefully past your window in the resort’s Ambassador Lagoon.

Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa Dubai

Bedouin Suite

Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa

You’ll know of Dubai’s cloud-skimming towers and man-made superstructures, but its other, equally amazing attraction is the work of Mother Nature alone – the desert. There is no better place to marvel at this magical landscape than Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa, Dubai’s foremost desert retreat. Book yourself into a Bedouin Suite, where your list of lavish comforts includes a private infinity pool, in which you can float while surveying the never-ending sands around you.

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